JACoW File Server at PSI

Contact: Jan Chrin, PSI

A networked file server for the upload of contributions to proceedings has been made available at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) to the JACoW collaboration. Its availability extends the editorial facility within the Scientific Program Management System (SPMS) to a self-contained utility and alleviates conferences with the need to allocate local resources for its realization. Conferences and workshops wishing to benefit from this service should contact Jan.Chrin@psi.ch.

The file server is where all files submitted by the authors, i.e., LaTeX and Microsoft Word source files, PostScript and Portable Document Format (PDF) files, supporting files such as figures which may be in various formats, and Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF presentations, are stored. It is also from where manuscripts are retrieved for editing and the destination of files worked on by the editorial staff.

Access from the SPMS to the designated file server for the electronic retrieval and submission of files is done through a web server that hosts and executes the JACoW upload/download scripts (JUDS). This is the only route by which papers can be submitted to the file server. A prerequisite is a reliable high-speed network connectivity, sufficient disk space, disk redundancy, and daily backup.

The file server, unlike the SPMS, is not provided by the JACoW regional support centers; rather itís realization rests with the hosting conference. The eventís Local Organizing Committee (LOC) may either choose to take direct responsibility for providing the server and to equip it with the necessary software or, if well placed to do so, channel the task to the hosting instituteís IT department. In either case, particular care must be taken in providing a well-managed and reliable web/file server. For conferences with limited resources and/or personnel, the implementation of such a web/file server can, however, constitute a large overhead. To help alleviate the associated administrative complexity, a web/file server has been set up at PSI for use by JACoW conferences. A file server instance for a conference can be conveniently created by executing a script. The conference administrator will then be required to set the corresponding system parameters within the SPMS for the file server (Table 1 below). In 2012, its first year of operation, the file server was adopted by five JACoW conferences, which ranged in submission from ~50 to ~350 manuscripts and associated presentations.


Table 1: SPMS System Parameters for the File Server

System ParameterFunctionExample Entry (links not activated)
Web ConfigurationPassword for Paper UploadD8Y6u5h1Zp890YAgT3P0QjlNms90wi
Web ConfigurationPassword for Paper DownloadS20o0O98dgWlH4cHdP9o51RsDGUxpZ
Web ConfigurationAuthor File Upload Script URLhttp://jacow.web.psi.ch/cgi-bin/conf/confName/JACoW.file_upload
Web ConfigurationEditor Download Script URLhttp://jacow.web.psi.ch/cgi-bin/conf/confName/editor.zipload
UserProceedings TOC Base URLhttp://jacow.web.psi.ch/conf/confName/papers