Team Meeting 2019

The JACoW Team Meeting in 2019 will return to the Americas.

Following a call for bids, one offer to host TM'19 was received from our colleagues at LNLS who undertake to host our annual meeting in Santos, Brazil.

See the proposed bid to host TM'19 .

In the absence of any other bids, the JACoW Board of Directors decided to accept this offer, for which we thank Sergio Marques and his colleagues at LNLS. The offer respects all of our requirements.

Following consultation, the preferred dates for the meeting are the week of:

1 to 6 December, 2019

Note that we mention the possible week above. The week will include the usual Pre-team meeting for the JACoW Management, SPMS and Indico developers and super users. The actual start and end dates of the Team Meeting proper will depend on the overall programme that will be developed during the coming months.