Awards to the Collaboration

2013 Gero Thomas Medal

The Gero Thomas Medal 2013 was awarded to Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz, JACoW coordinator, for outstanding contributions to the Accelerator Group of the European Physical Society (EPS).

The Gero Thomas Commemorative Medal was created in 2000 to honour the memory of G. Thomas, who was the Secretary General of the EPS from 1973 to 1997 and played an essential role in the growth and the development of the society. The commemorative medal is awarded to individuals for their outstanding service to the society.

2012 Robert H. Siemann Prize

In 2012 JACoW coordinator Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz was awarded the first Robert H. Siemann Prize for outstanding contributions to the PRST-AB Journal and for encouraging sponsorship of the journal by accelerator institutes.

IPACí10 Organizing Committee Prize

In 2010 the IPACí10 Organizing Committee presented a prize to the JACoW collaboration for its service to the accelerator community. The prize was received by Volker Schaa and Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz (chair and deputy chair, respectively) on behalf of the collaboration in the company of several team members who were at IPAC'10 to work in the proceedings office.

EPAC'04 Award

The collaboration received an award at EPAC'04, and the following are extracts from the citation which it carried:

From tiny acorns mighty oak trees grow. An idea from Ilan Ben-Zvi in 1996, nurtured by others, has finally spread its branches as the JACoW collaboration reaches maturity in 2004.

The vision of a Joint Accelerator Conferences Website, maintaining a central database of information of all main participants in the accelerator community and holding electronic copies of all the papers published at the conferences under its umbrella, has taken eight years to reach fruition.

                                             . . . 

While many individuals have played a part, none would begrudge recognition to the two people whose foresight and enthusiasm have served to blend so many varied ideas together: John Poole, the Chairman of JACoW, and Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz, the EPAC Conferences Coordinator.

                                             . . . 

The Organising Committees of the EPAC and PAC conference series would like to acknowledge their achievement and thank them, and all those involved in JACoW, for their efforts to further the dissemination of scientific knowledge throughout the accelerator community.