JACoW Team Members and Roles

The JACoW team is composed of a rolling set of editors (from past, present, and future conferences) and co-opted experts, plus any board members and officers who do not qualify as members under the previous two categories.

The team is part of a larger group of JACoW stakeholders that also includes

  • Persons representing major laboratories, universities, and institutes
  • Scientific program committee chairs of JACoW events (past, current, and future in each conference series)


Ivan Andrian, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste

Deputy Chair

Todd Satogata, Jefferson Lab


Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz, Honorary CERN Staff Member


David Button, ANSTO
Volker RW Schaa, GSI

Regional Support Manager for Asia-Pacific

Takashi Kosuge, KEK (SPMS)

Regional Support Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa

Ronny Billen, CERN (SPMS)
Jan Chrin, PSI (fileserver)

Regional Support Manager for the Americas

Matt Arena, FNAL (SPMS)
Anthony Cuffe, JLAB (fileserver)

Repository Manager

Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz, CERN

JACoW.org Webmaster

Stefano Deiuri, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste

JACoW.org Content Manager

Charlie Horak, ORNL

Proceedings Maintenance

Europe: Ronny Billen, CERN
Asia: Yong Ho Chin/Kazuro Furukawa, KEK

SPMS Support and Development

Matt Arena, FNAL (N. America)
Ivan Andrian, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste (Europe)

Indico Support and Development

Adrian Mönnich, CERN
Pedro Ferreira, CERN

Co-Opted Team Members

Evelyne Akers, Jefferson Lab
Anthony Cuffe, Jefferson Lab
Stefano Deiuri, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste
Cathy Eyberger, ANL
Caitlin Hoffmann, BNL
Charlie Horak, ORNL
Adeline Jeanne, GANIL
Vincent Mitts, CAMD/LSU
Magdalena Montes-Loera, SLAC
Raphael Mueller, GSI
Johan Olander, ESS
John Poole, JP Scientific/CERN
Akihiro Shirakawa, KEK
Toshinari Tanaka, LEBRA
Nicole White, ANSTO

BIW Ends 2012
Becomes IBIC From 2012 (See Below)


Volker Schaa, GSI ('17)
Maksim Kuzin, BINP ('19)


Jan Chrin, PSI ('16)
Joele Mira/Garrett De Villiers, iThemba ('19)

DIPAC Ends 2011
Becomes IBIC From 2012 (See Below)


Pietro Pisciotta, INFN-LNS ('18)
Amy McCausey, FRIB ('20)


Todd Satogata, Jefferson Lab / Evelyn Akers, Jefferson Lab ('14)


Kip Bishofberger, LANL ('17)
Michaela Marx, DESY ('19)


Lu Li, IMPCAS ('18)


Xin Han, SINAP ('18)
Johan Olander, ESS ('19)
Sergio Rodrigo Marques, LNLS ('20)


Isidre Costa, CELLS-ALBA ('17)
Mizuki Karasawa, BNL ('19)
Xin Han, SINAP ('21)


Pavel Snopok, IIT ('18)

ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop (HB)

Dong-Eon Kim, PAL ('18)
Volker R. Schaa, GSI ('20)

ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop (ERL)

Mick Draper, CERN ('17)
Meghan McAteer, Helmholtz-berlin ('19)

ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop (FLS)

Xin Han, SINAP ('18)
Jan Chrin, PSI ('21)


Jana Thomson, TRIUMF / Todd Satogata, Jefferson Lab ('18)
David Button, ANSTO ('19)
Laurent Serani, CEN Bordeaux Gradignan ('20)
Renan Picoreti, LNLS ('21)
Thakonwat Chanwattana, SLRI and Nawin Juntong, SLRI ('22)


Ning Zhao, IHEP Beijing ('18)
Robert Apsimon, Lancaster University/Cockcroft ('20)


Manuel Tilmont, SOLEIL ('18)
Kelly Jaje, ANL ('20)


Maria Power, ANL ('16)
Amy McCausey, FRIB ('19)


Yung-Sen Cheng, NSRRC ('18) Pavel Bastl, ELI Beams ('20)


Maxim Kuzin, Novosibirsk (permanent)


Ning Zhao, IHEP Beijing (permanent)


Ning Zhao, IHEP ('17) Volker, Schaa, GSI ('19)