What Does this Tool Do?

IPACí19 is proud to announce that ANSTO, in collaboration with JACoW, has created a new online reference citation generation tool for the accelerator community. You can now search all papers from published proceedings on JACoW.org and papers from currently unpublished proceedings and conferences such as IBICí18, held in Sept 2018, and IPACí19, to take place in May 2019.

Once a paper has been issued its paper code, it will automatically be made available in this new tool, allowing generation of a valid citation for the submission. Note that this tool does not substitute for any of the notifications you receive from SPMS. You can directly copy and paste accurate references (for both Word and LaTeX) into your paper's reference section or wherever you need the citation.

This database can be accessed at https://refs.jacow.org. A Quick Guide is also available.

Feedback or Enquiries

Please directed any feedback or enquiries to David Button at david.button@ansto.gov.au .

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