JACoW Contacts

JACoW team members often communicate through the JACoW Slack channel. You are welcome to contact us there.

Board of Directors

Chair: Ivan Andrian, Elettra

Deputy Chair: David Button, ANSTO

Coordinator: Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz, CERN, retired

Directors: Johan Olander, ESS , Regis Neuenschwander, LNLS

Other Primary Contacts

JACoW Proceedings Webmaster (Publication of Proceedings): Ronny Billen

SPMS Repository Manager [[sChristine.Petit-Jean-Genaz@cern.ch |Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz, CERN]

SPMS Regional Support Centres (creation and maintenance of SPMS Instances for conferences):

JACoW Fileserver Regional Support Centres (responsible for the regional conference fileservers):

''The Asia-Pacific area is not covered by a 'local' fileserver and may instead use either one of the two options listed above''

KEK JACoW Proceedings Mirror Site at KEK: Kazuro Furukawa, KEK

JACoW.org Webmaster: Stefano Deiuri, Elettra

JACoW.org Content Manager: Maggie Loera, SLAC

The members of the JACoW team are published at the JACoW team members and roles page. New editors and Scientific Programme Committee chairs are required to inform the JACoW coordinator of new team member nominations.