About JACoW

The Joint Accelerator Conferences Website

JACoW is located and maintained at CERN, Geneva, and is mirrored to KEK, Tsukuba, for the convenience of users. The site accommodates the following:

  • Conference proceedings
  • Help for authors submitting work to JACoW conferences
  • Help for JACoW conference organizers and editors, including documentation related to the Scientific Programme Management System (SPMS), a tool developed by the collaboration for all aspects of conference organization, and software, scripts, and other tools for conference management
  • Information about JACoW, the web site and the collaboration
  • Information relating to JACoW team and stakeholders meetings
  • JACoW contacts

How JACoW and the Collaboration Began

In the mid-nineties, with the arrival of electronic publication, PAC'95 and EPAC'96 were the first accelerator conferences to try their hand at publishing proceedings themselves.

The proceedings of EPAC'96 were published at CERN a few months after the event. Ilan Ben-Zvi of Brookhaven National Laboratory, scientific programme chair of the coming PAC'99 conference, approached the editors of EPAC'96 and proposed that PAC proceedings be published at the same site. The organizers of the first Asian PAC, APAC'98, then in preparation, decided to join the (ad)venture.

In 1997 the JACoW collaboration was created under the chairmanship of CERN's John Poole, with Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz as CERN secretary. Christine is currently JACoW Coordinator and a member of the Board of Directors. Volker Schaa of GSI succeeded John Poole in 2007 as Chair, and Ivan Andrian of Elettra succeeded Volker Schaa in 2014. More about the JACoW collaboration.

Today, JACoW hosts the proceedings of 18 different conferences: BIW, COOL, CYCLOTRONS, DIPAC, ECRIS, FEL, HIAT, ICALEPCS, ICAP, ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshops, IPAC, LINAC, MEDSI, NA-PAC, PCaPAC, RuPAC, SAP and SRF.