Working in the Wiki

Webmaster: Stefano Deiuri
Content Manager: Charlie Horak
The Ominous Guilty: Ivan Andrian

Getting Started

To create and edit pages at, you must be a member of the JACoW team and have an account. If you need an account, fill out this form.

Editing Existing Pages

The links in the menu at left should provide all the help most users will need. Note that the Documentation Index and the Markup Master Index provide more comprehensive, advanced help.

  • Click on the "Login" link in the footer on the page you want to edit. You'll be prompted to log in. You can also click on "Login" on any page and then navigate to the page you want.
  • Click "Edit Page" in the orange menu bar at the top of the page.
  • If you want to edit a menu, or create a completely new one, please contact Charlie Horak . Editing menus can affect menus on other pages, so you'll need to create one that affects only your page(s).

Creating New Pages

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating a new page is to carefully choose the page name; it won't be possible to change it afterwards! If you make a mistake, delete the page.

New pages should be based on the JACoW web page template. Be sure to copy the template to your new page and make changes there rather than on the template itself.

See Creating New Pages for more information.

Website Working Group

The website working group maintains the site, develops new information, recruits "content owners," and reviews the site for improvement. Feedback is always appreciated.

Many people are needed to maintain a useful site, so we're always looking for help! Contact Charlie or Stefano if you'd like to participate.