JACoW Page Template (Level 1 Heading--usually reserved for the page title; capitalize the first letter in each major word)

Contact: J.A. CoWherder (Institute of Physics and Bovine Research)

Pages should begin with these 3 items:

  • Title that summarizes the page content in as few words as possible.
  • Contact information as shown. In most cases, the person creating the page content should be the contact.
  • Brief introduction to the topic and/or a summary of what the page includes (200 words max).

Main Content (Level 2 Heading; capitalize the first letter in each major word)

  • The main content should be broken into sections/subsections with predefined headings and should include lists, tables, graphics, etc., to make the page visually appealing and easy to follow.
  • Links to related information should be included as much as possible and don't have to be confined to the references section.

Content, Formatting, and Language (Level 3 Heading; capitalize the first letter in each major word)

  1. The priority is to provide complete, helpful information that is easy to find and understand.
  2. Keeping item 1 in mind, consistent formatting makes it easier for people to find specific information and focus on it because the eye quickly adapts to a consistent page layout.

Please don't hesitate to contribute content even if English isn't your native language. Your expertise is valuable to the team, and perfect English isn't required. Feel free to contact Charlie Horak for help making sure your contributions say what you want them to.

References (Level 2 Heading)

Include any links to related information that team members may find useful, for example, tutorials, presentations, and software sites.

  • ref 1
  • ref 2
  • ...

Note: A blog-type section is being developed that will be automatically included on each page. This will be for team members to add comments, tips, experience, etc.