authors (basic)

Creating Pages

The easiest way to create a new page is to create a link to it on an existing page. To link to your new page, you must choose a name for it. The best names describe the page's contents well but are concise.

New pages should be based on the JACoW web page template. Be sure to copy the template to your new page and make changes there rather than on the template itself.

Three important things to keep in mind when naming pages:

  1. Page names are case sensitive.
  2. Page names should be continuous lower- or uppercase letters only, no spaces or special characters.
  3. Page names should be descriptive but as short as reasonably possible, for example, WhyPublishonJACoW, YourConferenceWebsite, FileUploadDownload.

To create a link, surround the page name with double brackets. Typing [[my new page]] will create a link to my new page.

You can see that the links to my new page all have question marks after them. That's because my new page hasn't been written yet. Clicking the link will take you to a blank page form where you can create and save the new page.

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