Indico-SPMS merge

Firtst analysis and plan for the merge

Comments and ideas

Example - Publication of proceedings

Before any contribution is to be published online, it has to pass through this workflow:

Abstract Submission -> Acceptance -> Files Upload -> (Refereeing) -> Paper Editing -> Green Dot -> Paper QA -> (poster presented, satisfactory and manned) -> pre-publication -> wrappers, latest checks, headings and footers -> Proceedings

vrws: Scientific Program Administration > Generate Paper TOC Values (page 28)

The comment about the function of this procedure is wrong. TOC.html has nothing to do with this procedure.

Generate Paper TOC Values: generate the 'Table of Contents' by assigning the starting page number to each paper depending on the given number of pages.

This function is used for the final proceedings to populate the fields <pages>x</pages> and <toc>yyy</toc> in the XML.

Contact persons

  • Sub-classifications - Christine, Todd, Juliana
  • Abstract management - Todd
  • Paper Management - Editing - Jan
  • File upload - Ivan
  • Final QA - Isidre
  • Presentation Management - Takashi
  • Poster Police - Stefano