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JACoW Paper Templates

Contact: Jan Chrin (Paul Scherrer Institut)

An updated template for JACoW was introduced in 2016 in time for IPAC'16, the first of the year's conferences. Among the many changes, perhaps the biggest was in adopting the IEEE Transactions Style for Transactions and Journal for references.


The content of the template is the responsibility of the JACoW collaboration. The implementation of the specifications for the various document processing software tools are managed by those listed in Table 1, to whom any corrections should be addressed.

Table 1: Supported Word Processing Programs and Template Managers

Word ProcessorManagerContact
LaTeXVolker RW Schaa (GSI)v.r.w.schaa@gsi.de
Microsoft Word (PC)Jan Chrin (PSI)jan.chrin@psi.ch
Microsoft Word (Mac)Todd Satogata (JLAB)satogata@jlab.org
OpenDocumentIvan Andrian (ELETTRA)ivan.andrian@elettra.eu

Formatting References in IEEE Style

JACoW papers

Journal papers

Seasons of Change

First and foremost was to get our own JACoW house in order! The main changes to the template are summarized.

Authors and Institute Listing

Where authors have multiple institutes, the secondary affiliation is indicated with a superscript against the author’s name. The secondary affiliation is placed in a separate line below the main block of the author/affiliation listing. Author/Institute listings should be written in a consistent form as illustrate in Annex A of the template

Template Changes (cont.)


Hyphenation in Word and OpenDocument has now been activated. In Word the procedure is: Page Layout ->Hyphenation ->Automatic

Footnote on Page 1

A space has been added after the superscript.

Figure Captions

A simpler procedure for inserting figure and table captions is described in the Word/OpenDocument template under Figures, Tables, and Equations on page 2.

Template Changes (cont.)


A table heading should have the initial letters of the principle words capitalized. If the caption has multiple sentences, then only the first sentence is reformatted to initial capitals if appropriate. In Word, the top/bottom lines only have a thickness of 1 pt. All other intermediate lines have a thickness of 0.5 pt. In LaTeX, \toprule, \bottomrule, and \midrule is used.

Template Changes (cont.)


A subsection entitled “Units” has been added on page 3. Essentially a “thin space” is required to precede the unit, e.g., 7 GeV, 4 μm (note μ is not slanted). In LaTeX, “\,” is used. Ideally the digit and the unit should not be broken if possible. This subsection is mainly aimed at contributions from Asia where the norm is to join the unit to the number, e.g., 7GeV (not advocated)

Third-level Headings

In Word, the third-level heading is appended with a 1 em space. Insert→Symbols→Em Space; appears as a blank in the selection options; identity is revealed with a mouse-over.

Template Changes (cont.)

Summary of Styles

The only change to Table 2, which lists the various styles, is the freedom to select the spacing after/before figure/table captions. Word/OpenDocument editors should take note that when a section, subsection or table heading is at the top of a column, then the before-space should be removed, i.e., 0 pt.

Template Changes (cont.)

References: Font Size, URLs, and Alignment

The font size has been changed to 9 pt in Word and OpenDocument. References should at the very least be neat and properly aligned using the indentations given in Annex B of the template and written in a consistent form. Special attention is given to URLs. Note that a monospace font is used (e.g. in Word, Lucinda Sans Typewriter, 8pt) and periods at the end of the url are omitted unless there is a trailing “/”.

Template Changes (cont.)

References: IEEE Transactions Style for Transactions and Journal

The IEEE Transaction Style has been adopted for references. See Annex B of template.

Error Log from SPMS

Table 2: A Comparison of SPMS Error Log Report for IPAC'16 and IPAC'15

Error CodeError MeaningIPAC'17 (%)IPAC'16 (%)IPAC'15 (%)

Correct use of Conference Series Acronyms

'What JACoW Conference is ICCA?'
1959: (2nd) Sector-Focus Cyclotrons
1963: (3rd) Int. Conf. on Sector Focus Cyclotrons and Meson Factories
1966: (4th) Int. Conf. on Isochronous Cyclotrons
1969: (5th) Int. Cyclotrons Conf.
1972: (6th) Cyclotrons
1975: (7th) Int. Conf. on Cyclotrons and their Applications (Zurich)
1986: (11th) CYCLOTRON'86 (Tokyo)
2001: (16th) CYCLOTRONS 2001 (East Lansing)
2010: (19th) CYCLOTRONS 2010 (Lanzhou)
2013: (20th) CYC13 (Vancouver)
2016: (21st) CYC2016 (Zurich)
What then should be used in the References?
Consensus appears to be: in Proc. Cyclotrons'16
'!North American Particle Accelerator Conference'
2011: 2011 Particle Accelerator Conference (PAC'11)
2013: 25th North American Particle Accelerator Conference (NA-PAC'13)
2016: 2016 North American Particle Accelerator Conference (NAPAC'16)

in Proc. NAPAC'16

Conclusion: A Conference Series should know its own acronym!

Forthcoming Update to Template

Addition of DOIs to references: