JBoD meeting #31 - September 24, 2020

This meeting will be over Zoom.

The Summary notes are now available.


  1. Approval of Notes of BoD30 of 28 August 2020
  2. Status of Migration of SPMS Instances from FNAL to KEK - Johan to report on his action to contact Volker re. “old” SPMS instances
  3. Report on Editing for IBIC’20 (David)
  4. Chair’s Report to Stakeholders (Ivan)
  5. Indico Merge Project (Ivan/Chris)
    1. Action on Ivan to see with Ronny for CERN assistance with Central Repository
    2. Testing of Fake Indico Event
  6. TM’21 - General discussion touching on preparations, call for bids, specific assistance to forthcoming organizers without JACoW experience
  7. AOB