JBoD meeting #40 - August 25, 2021

This meeting will be over Zoom.

The Summary notes are available.


  1. Approval of Notes of BoD#39 and Agenda of BoD#40
  2. Request from LINAC'20 to put a link to their videos in JACoW proceedings page
  3. JFIC Testing Status
  4. Future Development of tools for JACoW
    1. Setting up an Indico Working Group, Specification of future development and simultaneous testing, future of Central Repository, cost to JACoW for CERN hosting JACoW-Indico, etc.
    2. JPSP-NG WG, sponsorship of an additional developer for 2 to 3 years to work on this financed by a laboratory or by IPACs ’23, ’24 and ’25.
    3. Future of CatScan and Reference search tool
  5. IPAC’21, Close out?
  6. JACoW 2021 Chairman’s Report to Stakeholders
  7. JACoW 2021 Team Meeting, Preparations for Local Organization and Programme, and Elections - how to organize in view of possible low in-person attendance
  8. Next BoD Meeting
  9. AOB