JBoD meeting #41 - September 29, 2021

This meeting will be over Zoom.

The Summary notes are available.


  1. Approval of the Agenda of JBoDM#41 and the Notes of JBoDM#40
  2. Actions Outstanding/Continuing Discussion:
    1. BoD39 item 2: Linac’20 Request to Insert Video Link, Action on Ivan to report back
    2. BoD39 item 4.1: Future Development Tools for Indico, Setting up of Indico Working Group - Ivan expected to have news soon
    3. BoD39 item 4.2: Future Development Tools for Indico, JPSP-NG WG continuing on from previous discussion
    4. BoD39 item 4.3: Future Development Tools for Indico, CatScan and Reference Search Tool, feedback from David?
  3. Indico Testing Status
  4. JACoW 2021 Team Meeting
  5. AOB
    1. Outstanding from BoD#35, 25 February, 2021
    2. Whatever happened to the requested:
    3. Document prepared by Chris: Discontinued SPMS Support from Fermilab
    4. Document prepared by David: BoD Briefing of JACoW Tools and Specification of JACoW Requirements for the Organization of Events
  6. Next BoD Meeting