JBoD meeting #42 - October 28, 2021

This meeting will be over Zoom.

The Summary notes are available.


  1. Approval of the Agenda of JBoDM#42 and of the Notes of JBoDM#41
  2. Actions Outstanding/Continuing Discussion:
    • BoD39 item 4.1 Setting up an Indico Working Group, Specification of Future Development and Simultaneous Testing, Future of the Central Repository, Cost to JACoW for CERN Hosting JACoW-Indico, etc.
      Report from Ivan on the meeting mentioned above
    • BoD#35, 25 February, 2021
      - Document prepared by Chris: Discontinued SPMS Support from Fermilab
      - Document prepared by David: BoD Briefing of JACoW Tools and Specification of JACoW Requirements for the Organization of Events
      Chrisí document is finished. David will pick up where he left off. Ivan will pass the document on to the IPACCC as a basis for continued discussions around support for JACoW.
  3. Indico Testing Status
  4. JACoW 2021 Team Meeting (and pre-TM)
  5. Elections (Mail from Ronny)
  6. AOB